Wir arbeiten gemeinnützig. Wenn ihr Maviblau unterstützen möchtet, dann schaut mal hier!

Oblivion Orchestra

– Oliver Konty

This poem starts with silence
I have no questions to ask

Virtual violence
The warmth of it
When it connects us
Makes us look cute
And fierce
Constant contradictions


Romantic attachment is a ritual that
Requires you to bring all your red flags
And kill what’s nice about you

I read your letter again
Fell asleep
And like a teenager
Had a dream about
French fries and sparkling wine


No time to contemplate the light
or identify bird calls
On a lunch break
With your ear buds in
The espresso guy talking to himself
In Italian
I think he burned the coffee
This time around
While two grocery delivery cyclists
Are awaiting detachment
One smoking the other one laughing
I have to get back
I’m actually in the middle of a zoom call
No really

These words are some of many wonderful results of our project Waving Bodies.
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